Bluetooth Module Application: Bluetooth Smart Lock

With the rapid progress in technology field, Smart-Home products start to walk into our home. Smart LED Lights, Bluetooth Smart Locks are showing up one by one, which bring us with massive convenience.

what is a Smart Lock?

A smart lock is an upgraded version of a traditional mechanical lock. Which has simplified, intelligent upgrades in User Security, User Identification, User Management.

The technology in the smart lock industry includes Zigbee, WiFi technology and Bluetooth technology. Among these three types of communicating ways, bluetooth technology got the main popularity in smart lock industry due to its low energy, low cost and high security level.

bluetooth technology advantages

1) Long Battery Life.

The bluetooth smart locks in the market are basically powered by dry batteries. With BLE’s super-low-energy feature, users don’t have to change batteries in 12 months or more.

2) Easily Control With Smart Phones

The users can easily control the smart lock only with a smart phone. All lock opening records can be tracked on APP.

In the Smart Lock field, Feasycom has excellent BLE solutions for different products with different product orientations.

For instance,

if you’re aiming the high-end market, we recommend you with FSC-BT616 module. This module bases on TI chipset, with lower energy cost, supports Master-Slave mode. Many high-class brands are using this module to win their customers’ heart.

On the other hand, if your project budget is tight, you could go with the FSC-BT646 module. This module also uses BLE technology, supports Bluetooth 4.2 version.

Bluetooth Smart Lock

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