Bluetooth plus Wi-Fi Module Recommendation

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With the expansion of the IoT world, people find that every smartphone is equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology, they are everywhere. The reasons why Bluetooth and Wi-Fi become popular are simple, for Bluetooth, it’s an ultra power-saving wireless technology with powerful point-to-point communication ability, for Wi-Fi, we can take the advantages of its abilities of high-speed communication and advanced networking.

But for wireless connectivity solution providers/developers, it’s usually not that easy to find the right Bluetooth plus Wi-Fi combo module for their projects. Today Feasycom would like to give these people some hints.

Taking Feasycom’s most popular BT plus Wi-Fi combo modules as examples:

For instance, if you’re looking for a RF module for Automotive application, also you would like the module to have Bluetooth 5.0 specifications, then BW101 would be the right choice for you.

Or if you want to build a smart home IoT project which requests not only BLE but also SPP features, then BW226 might be the best solution for you.

It’s pretty simple, isn’t it?

If you have any further questions, or if you’re looking for the best solution for your on-going Wi-Fi project, feel free to reach out to Feasycom!

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