Bluetooth Data Module FAQ

Table of Contents

For Bluetooth Data Module application, it has an relationship between the Master and Slave Mode

1. What’s the Master Mode and Slave Mode?

Master Mode: Bluetooth device in Master Mode, it could scan the other Bluetooth devices which devices in slave Mode. Normally, Feasycom Bluetooth Master Module could connect 10 Bluetooth slave device. Bluetooth Master device also called scanner or Initiator.

Slave Mode: Bluetooth device in Slave Mode, it don’t support the research Bluetooth device. It only support being connected by the Bluetooth master device.

When the Master and slave device connect, they could send and receive data from each other via TXD, RXD.

2. What’s the TXD and RXD:

TXD: the sending end , generally played as their transmitter, normal communication must

be connected to the RXD Pin of the other device .

RXD: the receiving end, generally played as their receiving end, the normal communication must be connected to the TXD Pin of the other device.

Loop Test (TXD Connect to RXD) :

In order to test whether the Bluetooth module has the normal data sending & receiving ability, can use the Bluetooth device(Smartphone) to connect to the Bluetooth module, and the Bluetooth module’s TXD Pin connect to the RXD Pin, send the data via Smartphone Bluetooth assistance app, if the received data is same as the data sent via Bluetooth assistance app, that means the Bluetooth module working in good condition.


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