Bluetooth Charging Station Solution — Revolutionizing the Charging Experience of Electric Vehicles

With the development of digital currency and advancements in technology, the form of charging stations is constantly evolving. From coin-operated charging models to card and QR code-based charging, and now to the use of induction communication, electric vehicle charging stations are continuously improving. However, the use of 4G modules in charging station devices comes with high costs and requires support from mobile networks. In some special locations such as basements with weak or no signal, the installation of communication base stations is necessary to ensure the usability of the charging stations, which further increases the product's cost. Hence, the application of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology in charging stations has emerged as a solution.

Role of Bluetooth

The core purpose of the Bluetooth module in charging stations is to allow users to connect with the charging station via mobile apps or mini-programs when the station is offline. This enables various Bluetooth functions such as authentication, control of charging station on/off, reading of charging station status, setting of charging station parameters, and the realization of "plug and charge" for vehicle owners.


Application Scenarios

Public Parking Lots

Setting up charging stations in public parking lots provides convenient and fast charging services, especially in city centers or busy commercial areas. Users can charge their vehicles while waiting for parking.

Large Shopping Centers

Installing charging stations in shopping centers benefits both consumers and businesses. Consumers can charge their vehicles while shopping, and businesses may see increased sales due to longer customer stays.

Roadside Parking Spaces: In urban areas, many non-main roads are allowed for temporary parking. Due to the small size of Bluetooth charging stations (less than 20㎡), they can be conveniently placed in these locations to provide convenient charging services to users.

Residential Communities

Setting up charging stations in residential communities provides convenient charging services to community residents, encouraging them to use electric vehicles.

Remote Areas and Countryside

With the advancement of rural revitalization programs, the development of charging infrastructure in county towns and rural areas has become crucial. Bluetooth charging stations can provide convenient charging services in these locations, meeting the charging needs of grassroots users.

Commercial Places

Bluetooth charging stations also play an important role in commercial places such as shopping malls, restaurants, and cafes. People can charge their phones or other electronic devices through charging stations while waiting or staying, increasing customer satisfaction and attracting more customers.


Features of Bluetooth Charging Stations

Bluetooth Connection Authentication

Initial Connection using Verification Code - When users first connect their mobile apps or mini-programs with the Bluetooth module of the charging station, they need to enter a pairing code for verification. Once the pairing is successful, the Bluetooth module of the charging station saves the device information. After a successful connection, users can modify the pairing code or switch to random PIN code mode without affecting the previously paired devices.

Automatic Reconnection for Subsequent Connections - Mobile devices that have successfully paired with the charging station and have their pairing information recorded can automatically reconnect when they are within the Bluetooth connection range of the charging station, without needing to open the mobile app or mini-program.

The charging station can recognize validated Bluetooth devices and automatically identify and reconnect as long as they are within the Bluetooth broadcast signal range.


Bluetooth Control of Charging Station

Once the mobile device is connected to the Bluetooth module of the charging station, users can control the charging station's on/off, read its charging status information, and access its charging records through the mobile app or mini-program.

In the case of offline charging station usage, the charging station needs to store the charging record information locally. Once the charging station is logged in to the platform, it can upload the charging records.

Bluetooth "Plug and Charge"

After connecting their mobile devices to the charging station via Bluetooth, users can set charging station parameters, such as enabling or disabling the Bluetooth "plug and charge" mode (disabled by default). These settings can also be configured remotely through the cloud.

When the Bluetooth "plug and charge" mode is enabled and a device in the charging station's pairing list comes near the station, it automatically reconnects via Bluetooth. Once the charging gun is connected to the vehicle by the user, the charging station, recognizing that the mode is enabled, will automatically start charging.

Advantages of Bluetooth Charging Stations

Signal Independence

Bluetooth charging stations can be used smoothly even in areas with weak or no signal, such as suburban or underground parking lots, resulting in higher efficiency.

Anti-Theft Charging

Bluetooth-enabled charging stations require PIN code pairing to start charging, providing effective anti-theft measures and ensuring security.

Plug and Charge

Once the user's mobile device is in close proximity, Bluetooth automatically reconnects with the charging station, allowing for direct charging by simply plugging in the charging cable, providing convenience and efficiency.

Remote Upgrades

Bluetooth-enabled charging stations can be remotely upgraded over-the-air (OTA), ensuring that they always have the latest software versions and offering timely updates.

Real-time Charging Status: By connecting to the charging station via Bluetooth and accessing the mobile app or mini-program, users can check the real-time charging status.

Recommended Bluetooth Modules

  • FSC-BT976B Bluetooth 5.2 (10mm x 11.9mm x 1.8mm)
  • FSC-BT677F Bluetooth 5.2 (8mm x 20.3mm x 1.62mm)

Bluetooth charging stations utilize BLE technology, allowing users to scan the charging station's QR code or wake it up through WeChat mini-programs or apps. Additionally, Bluetooth recognition enables the charging station to automatically wake up when it detects the user's mobile device. These charging stations require no internet connection, complex wiring, have high flexibility, and low construction costs. They effectively address the convenience of charging in new/old residential areas, as well as the installation of charging stations in roadside locations.

To learn more about the application scenarios and advantages of low-power Bluetooth charging stations, feel free to contact the Feasycom team. Feasycom is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the Internet of Things (IoT) field. With a core R&D team, automatic Bluetooth protocol stack modules, and independent software intellectual property rights, Feasycom has built end-to-end solutions in short-range wireless communication. Offering a complete set of solutions and one-stop services (Hardware, Firmware, App, Mini-Program, Official Account Technical Support) for industries such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, automotive electronics, and IoT, Feasycom welcomes inquiries!

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