Application of bluetooth module in 3D printer

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3D printing is a type of rapid prototyping technology, also called additive manufacturing. It is a technique of constructing objects by layer-by-layer printing using bondable materials such as powdered metal or plastic, based on digital model files. It is not difficult to find that there are many three-dimensional accessories/cartoon toys in the accessories store. In fact, most of these are completed by 3D printers.

About three years ago, the consumer 3D printer market price around RMB 20,000 to 30,000. With the promotion of the market concept in the past two years, 3D printer has been gradually accepted by more and more consumer groups. The current price of consumer 3D printers in the market is about RMB3,000. 3D printer can make your favorite objects through DIY printing. We believe 3D printing will be accepted by more consumers.


3D printers are mainly divided into consumer grade and industrial grade:
Consumer grade (desktop grade) is a common application of 3D printing technology in the initial and progressive stages of consumer personal DIY.
Industrial grade 3D printers are mainly divided into two categories: rapid prototyping and direct product manufacturing. The two are different in printing accuracy, speed, size, etc., and require professional practitioners to use them.


Advantages of 3D printing  
1. Fast printing speed
3D printers greatly reduce the time it takes to create a product. Before 3D printers were developed, the R&D team had to make several prototypes before mass-producing the product. Today, a prototype can be made with a 3D printer and easily updated in a computer to print again. Complex designs can be uploaded from a CAD model and printed within hours.

2. Low manufacturing cost
The low-volume additive manufacturing cost of 3D printers is very competitive compared to traditional manufacturing. From purchasing to printing, the entire process is very cost-effective.

3. Reduce risk
Using a 3D printer reduces risks in the production process. 3D printers can print prototypes ahead of time before you involve other equipment such as CNC machining or traditional machines.

Bluetooth Module For 3D Printers:

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