Application of BLE Module In Non-contact Wireless Smart Lock

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As all we know, the types of intelligent door locks include fingerprint locks, Wi-Fi locks, Bluetooth locks, and NB locks, and ect. Feasycom has now provided a non-contact intelligent door lock solution: adding a non-contact unlocking feature on the basis of traditional Bluetooth smart door locks.

What is non-contact unlocking?

Users only need to hold the mobile phone close to the door lock, and then the door lock will automatically recognize the key of the phone to make the door unlocked. The principle is that Bluetooth signal strength varies with distance.The host MCU will determine whether it should perform the unlocking action by RSSI and key. Under the premise of ensuring safety performance, it makes unlocking easier and faster, and does not need to open the APP.

Feasycom provides the following modules that can support non-contact smart door lock feature:

Application circuit diagram


1. Will the power consumption increase if the module adds the non-contact unlocking function?
No, because the module is still broadcasting and working normally as a peripheral, and is no different from other BLE peripheral.

2. Is the non-contact unlocking safe enough? If I use other device which is binded to the mobile phone with the same Bluetooth MAC, can I also unlock it?
No, the module has an security, ,it can’t be cracked by MAC.

3. Will APP communication be affected?
No, the module still works as a peripheral and the mobile phone still work as a central.

4. How many mobile phones can this feature support to bind door lock?

5. Will the door lock be unlocked if the user is indoors?

As a single module can not determine the direction , we recommend that users try to avoid the misoperation of indoor unlocking when using the non-contact unlocking design (eg: the logic function of MCU can be used to determine whether the user is indoors or outdoors. Or directly use non-contact as NFC).

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