Application of BLE Bluetooth in Water Meter

Features of BLE Bluetooth module:

  • Low power consumption;
  • Low cost;
  • Good compatibility;
  • Short-range wireless communication;

Water meter reading method:

  • Manual meter reading (pay after using);
  • IC card pre-charge (pay before using);
  • Use wireless methods (BLE, LoRa, etc., pay before using)

The application of BLE in water meters has realized technological innovation, improved efficiency, and reduced usage costs:

  • No manual meter reading, no IC card needed, which reduces labor costs;
  • Easy to install and free wiring;
  • Easy to recharge without queuing, condition of water usage is intuitive and clear;
  • Facilitate the timely management of users and abnormal situations by the water company;

4. The advantages of BLE bluetooth compared to LoRa in water meter applications:

  • Ultra-low power consumption, reducing the frequency of battery replacement;
  • Low cost, reducing use cost;
  • The accessibility to mobile devices such as mobile phones is good, and the concentrator is not necessary;

BLE Bluetooth for Water Meter

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