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What is WPA3 security?

WPA3, also known as Wi-Fi Protected Access 3,represents the latest generation of mainstream security in wireless networks. Compared to the popular WPA2 standard (released in 2004), it increases the level of security while maintaining backward compatibility.

The WPA3 standard will encrypt all data on public Wi-Fi networks and can further protect unsecured Wi-Fi networks. Especially when users use public networks such as hotel and tourist Wi-Fi hotspots, creating a more secure connection with WPA3 makes it difficult for hackers to obtain private information. Using WPA3 protocol makes your Wi-Fi network highly resistant to security risks like offline dictionary attacks.


WPA3 Main Features

1. Stronger Protection Even for Weak Passwords
In WPA2, a vulnerability called “Krack” was discovered that exploits this and allows access to the network without a passphrase or Wi-Fi password. However, WPA3 provides a more robust protection system against such attacks. The system automatically protects the connection from such attacks even if the user-selected password or passphrase does not meet the minimum requirements.

2. Easy Connectivity to Devices with No Display
User will be able to use his phone or tablet to configure another small IoT device like a smart lock or doorbell to set a password instead of opening it up for anyone to access and control.

3. Better Individual Protection on Public Networks
When people are using public networks that do not require passwords to connect (such as those found in restaurants or airports), others can use these unencrypted networks to steal their valuable data.
Today, even if a user is connected to an open or a public network, the WPA3 system will encrypt the connection and no one can access the data transmitted between the devices.

4. 192-bit Security Suite for Governments
WPA3's encryption algorithm has been upgraded to a 192-bit CNSA level algorithm, which the WiFi Alliance describes as a "192-bit security suite". The suite is compatible with the National Security Systems Council National Commercial Security Algorithm (CNSA) suite, and will further protect Wi-Fi networks with higher security requirements, including government, defense, and industry.

Bluetooth module supporting WPA3 secure network:

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