RN4020 VS RN4871 VS FSC-BT630

BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) technology has always been on the headline in the Bluetooth industry in recent years. BLE technology enables a lot of none Bluetooth devices with Bluetooth features.

Many solution providers are using RN4020, RN4871 modules produced by Microchip, or BT630 module produced by Feasycom. What are the differences between these BLE modules?

As you can see, RN4020 is a BLE 4.1 module, it supports 10 GPIO ports. While RN4871 is a BLE 5.0 module, it has only 4 GPIO ports.

Comparing with RN4020 or RN4871, FSC-BT630 has even better performance. FSC-BT630 is a BLE 5.0 module, supports 13 GPIO ports, its temperature range is also very wide from -40C to 85C. Guess what, the price of this module is even lower than RN4020 or RN4871!
FSC-BT630 adopts Nordic nRF52832 chip, up to 50 meters cover range!

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