FSC-SYM7 Advertising Machine Dual-Frequency RFID Module


FSC-SYM7 is a advertising machine dual frequency RFID module, for reading UID card numbers based on the 125K&14443A protocol. It is a card reader module specifically developed for the multimedia industry such as advertising machines and electronic billboards. The communication methods include USB, TTL, 232, Wigan 26, 34, and other communication interfaces. It is compact in size and can be installed in a chip mounted manner, making it easy to integrate into terminal devices such as advertising machines, electronic billboards, integrated LCD screens, electronic door locks, access control, attendance, etc.

Wiring definition:


Module series:Dual frequency module
Feasycom model:FSC-SYM7
Supporting cards: ID: EM4200, EM4100, TK4100
IC:MF S50/S70 /ntag203/ntag213
Baud: (optional, 9600 serial port by default)
Card reading distance:0-100mm
Working frequency:125Khz、13.56Mhz
Working current:<100mA

Technical parameter

Project Parameters Project Parameters
Working frequency 125Khz、13.56mhz Card Reading Type 125K EM4100/TK4100 MF S50 /S70 /ntag203/ntag213
Interface USB/TTL/232/WG26/34 Baud 9600-115200 Kbit/s (optional, default 9600 serial port)
Power supply DC 5V (Customizable 3.3V) Consumption current <100mA
Card reading distance 0-100mm Communication speed 106Kbit/s
The expansion I/O port Yes Status indication Blue LED indication and buzzer beeping
Operating temperature -10℃ ~ +70℃ Storage temperature -20℃ ~ +80℃
Working humidity Relative humidity 0~95% Weight 10G
Size (module) 42mm×27mm×4mm Size (antenna) external
Other specific 2 fixed hole positions Operating systems Android, Windows, etc


Advertising Nachine

Door Security

Anti-theft System

Storage Management


Type Title Date
Datasheet FSC-SYM7 SPEC.pdf 28 Feb 2022

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