FSC-DB200 Arduino Bluetooth Audio Module Evaluation Daughter Board


FSC-DB200 is a plug-and-play daughter development board designed for Arduino UNO, by utilizing Bluetooth module such as FSC-BT806A, FSC-BT806B, FSC-BT1006, FSC-BT1026 Bluetooth modules.
FSC-DB200 enables the Ardunio developers to evaluate Feasycom Bluetooth audio module in a more efficient way.


The FSC-DB200 Arduino audio development board includes a Bluetooth module, LINE in, Headphone audio output, MIC input, Type-C power supply, USB-to-UART, LED status indicator, external antenna connector, Arduino reset button, Bluetooth module reset button, CTS/RTS select, SDID output, I2S/SPI select, NEXT/VOL+/Back/VOL-, ON/OFF/PLAY, etc.

FSC-DB200 only occupies ~10 and ~11, other I/Os are open to developers.

We also provide the Arduino example source code to guide developers in programming with the Feasycom Bluetooth module.


  • Why does the Serial Monitor app print "Cannot get correct baudrate"?
    A: Please check whether the hardware connection between the Arduino development board and FSC-DB200 is correct. When FSC-DB200 is working normally, the blue indicator light will flash. When the Serial Monitor app prints "mySerialbaudrate = 38400", it means the connection is successful.
  • Why does the program upload fail?
    A: Please check whether another software has occupied your serial port. If it is occupied, please close that software.
  • Why can't I get a response when I send an AT-Command?
    A: Please check whether the AT command you sent is correct. Illegal commands will never be responded to. All AT commands should be ended with a New Line and Carriage Return, so select "Both NL & CR" at the bottom right of the Serial Monitor.


Type Title Date
Dev Board User Guide Feasycom FSC-DB200 Bluetooth Dev Board User Guide April 8, 2022

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