FSC-BT802 CSR8670 Small Size Bluetooth 5.1 Audio Tx Rx Module for Master & Slave


FSC-BT802 uses the CSR8670 Bluetooth chip and is a Bluetooth 5.1 dual-mode module. It provides a Bluetooth Low Energy fully compliant system for audio and data communication with the Feasycom stack. FSC-BT802 integrates an ultra-low-power DSP and application processor with embedded flash memory, a high-performance stereo codec, a power management subsystem, I²S, LED drivers, and ADC I/O in an SOC IC. The dual-core architecture with flash memory enables manufacturers to easily differentiate their products with new features without extending development cycles. By default, the FSC-BT802 module is equipped with powerful and easy-to-use Feasycom firmware. It’s easy to use and completely encapsulated. Feasycom firmware enables users to access Bluetooth functionality with simple ASCII commands delivered to the module over a serial interface, functioning like a Bluetooth modem. Therefore, FSC-BT802 provides an ideal solution for developers who want to integrate Bluetooth wireless technology into their design.


  • Bluetooth v5.1/5.0/4.0/3.0/2.1/2.0/1.2/1.1, Class 1.5
  • 80MHz RISC MCU and 80MIPS Kalimba DSP
  • Stereo codec with 2 channels of ADC and up to 4 microphone inputs (includes bias generators and digital microphone support)
  • Support for CSR’s latest CVC technology for narrow-band and wideband voice connections including wind noise reduction
  • Audio interfaces: I²S/PCM and SPDIF
  • Music Enhancements: SBC, MP3, AAC and AAC+, Faststream codec, aptX, 5-band EQ, 3D stereo separation and so on.
  • Support HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, PBAP, MAP, SPP, BLE profile
  • Multipoint support for HFP connection to 2 handsets for voice
  • Multipoint support for A2DP connection to 2 A2DP sources for music playback
  • 3 Hardware LED controllers (for RGB)
  • UART, I²C, SPI, PIO, AIO, USB control interfaces
  • Postage stamp sized form factor
  • MFI Support
  • Built-in RF combo filter, External Antenna
  • Fast charging support up to 200mA with no external components
  • RoHS compliant
  • Industrial temperature range from -40°C to +85°C
  • FCC, CE, BQB, IC and TELEC Certified


  • Smart watches & Bluetooth bracelets
  • Bluetooth headphones
  • Smart remote controllers
  • Wired or wireless sound bars
  • Wired or wireless speakers
  • Wearable audio with sensors (health and well-being applications)
  • Stereo (AV) Transmitter
  • Automotive Hands-Free Kits


Categories Features Implementation
Wireless Specification Bluetooth chip CSR8670
Bluetooth Low energy V5.1 Dual-mode Bluetooth low energy radio
Software complies with the Bluetooth Core v5.1 Specification
Support for Bluetooth basic rate / EDR and low energy Connections
3 Bluetooth low energy connections at the same time as basic rate A2DP
Frequency 2.402 - 2.480 GHz
Transmit Power +10 dBm (Maximum)
Receive Sensitivity -88 dBm (Typical)
Real-time digitised RSSI available to application
Raw Data Rates (Air) 3 Mbps (Classic BT - BR/EDR)
Host Interface and Peripherals UART Interface TX, RX
General Purpose I/O
Default 115200,N,8,1
Baudrate support from 1200 to 921600
8 data bit character
GPIO 10 (maximum – configurable) lines
O/P drive strength (4 mA)
Pull-up resistor (33 KΩ) control
Read pin-level
I²C Interface 1 (hardware I²C interface). Up to 400 kbps
Master and slave I²C interface
SPI Interface SPI debug and programming interface with read access disable locking
ADC Interface Analog input voltage range: 0~ 1.3V
Supports single a 10-bit ADC and a 10-bit DAC
1 channels (configured from GPIO total)
USB Interface 1 full-speed (12Mbps)
Profiles BR/EDR SPP (Serial Port Profile) - Up to 600 Kbps
Bluetooth Low Energy GATT Client & Peripheral - Any Custom Services
Simultaneous BR/EDR and BLE support
Maximum Connections BR/EDR up to 7 active slaves
Bluetooth Low Energy 1 connection as peripheral , up to 5 connections as central
FW upgrade Via UART
Supply Voltage Supply VDD_IO: 1.7 ~ 3.6V ; VBAT_IN: 2.8V ~ 4.3V
Power Consumption Max Peak Current (TX Power @ +10dBm TX): 85mA
Standby Doze (Wait event) - <1mA (TBD)
Deep Sleep - ~300uA (TBD)
Physical Dimensions (mm) 9.7 × 11.5 × 1.8; Pad Pitch 1.0
Environmental Operating -40°C to +85°C
Storage -40°C to +105°C
Miscellaneous Lead Free Lead-free and RoHS compliant
Warranty One Year
Humidity 10% ~ 90% non-condensing
MSL grade: MSL 3 (With JEDEC J-STD-020)
ESD grade: Human Body Model: Class-2
Machine Model: Class-200V
Charged Device Model: Class II


Firmware No. Application Profiles Support
FSC-BT802 Audio HFP, A2DP-SRC, A2DP-SNK, AVRCP, BLE, SPP, Serial Upgrade
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