FSC-BP101E Mini-Size Long-Range 450m Dual-Mode Bluetooth 5.2 USB Beacon


The Feasycom FeasyBeacon FSC-BP101E is an ultra mini size USB powered beacon that supports a long-range transmit distance of up to 450m. It simultaneously supports iBeacon, Eddystone (e.g. URL, UID), and AltBeacon for broadcasting and provides the ability to advertise up to 10 slots of advertising frames. With low cost and long cover range features, it's the best choice for business marketing projects with limited budget. With the iOS & Android FeasyBeacon SDK, the developers can take advantage of the flexibility of the SDK and focus on their own applications, such as Broadcast, Proximity Marketing, Digital Signage, Indoor Location, Asset Tracking, Vehicle Tracking, etc.


  • USB Powered, Small Size
  • Up to 450m cover range
  • CE certification
  • Dual-mode Bluetooth 5.2 USB BT beacon
  • Pre-programmed with Feasycom Standard Beacon Firmware
  • Up to 10 slots of Advertising Frames
  • Configurable by Free FeasyBeacon Mobile App and SDK
  • Customizable Color, Logo, Hardware, Software


Item Description
Advertising Format Eddystone (URL/UID/TLM), iBeacon, AltBeacon
Configuring Method FeasyBeacon SDK compiled app (e.g. FeasyBeacon app, iOS & Android)
Advertising Interval Default 1300 ms, range from 100 ms to 2000 ms
Security Access password required, Default Pin Code 000000
Max Number of Broadcast 10 Slots configurable advertising frames
Default Broadcast Interval 100 ms for iBeacon & Eddystone
System Compatibility iOS 9.0+, Android 4.3+
Advertising Distance Up to 450m (open area)
Firmware Upgrading OTA (upgrade firmware over the air)


Item Description
Chipset Feasycom FSC1011
Bluetooth Version Dual-mode Bluetooth 5.2
TX Power 5 dBm (Maximum)
Antenna PCB Coil antenna
Power Supply 5V USB
Material ABS plastic
Color Black or customized
Size 32.8 * 16.2 * 8 mm
Net Weight 3.5 g
Protection IP40
Operating temperature -10°C to +70°C
Certification CE

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