FSC-BW246 Dual-Mode Bluetooth 4.2 & 2.4GHz Wi-Fi 4 Combo Module (Automotive Operating Temperature)


The Feasycom FSC-BW246 is an advanced Bluetooth and Wi-Fi module designed for automotive applications. With its highly integrated single-chip design, it combines a 2.4GHz wireless LAN (WLAN) and Bluetooth low energy (v4.2) communication controller.

One of the standout features of the FSC-BW246 is its support for automotive-grade operating temperature range. Designed to meet the rigorous standards of the automotive industry, this module operates reliably in extreme temperature conditions. With a wide operating temperature range, from -40°C to +105°C, the FSC-BW246 ensures optimal performance even in harsh automotive environments.

Featuring a powerful 32-bit MCU single/dual-core processor with up to 600 MIPS computing power, this module provides excellent processing capabilities. The WLAN baseband with 1T1R function, RF Bluetooth, and peripheral devices further enhance its performance and functionality.

Designers looking to integrate wireless capabilities into their automotive products will find the FSC-BW246 to be a suitable choice. With support for external antennas, it enables increased wireless coverage, allowing for seamless connectivity in a variety of automotive applications.

Upgrade your automotive designs with the Feasycom FSC-BW246 module and leverage its automotive-grade working temperature range to ensure reliable performance in extreme conditions.


  • Bluetooth 4.2 dual mode, Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
  • High speed, 802.11n data rate up to 150Mbps
  • Supports multiple connections
  • Supports scan and broadcast at the same time
  • Low power consumption
  • UART interface, default baud rate is 115200 bps, the baud rate supports from 1200 bps to 500 Kbps
  • Supports OTA


  • Home automation
  • Automated industry
  • Audio equipment
  • Wi-Fi toys
  • Wearable electronics
  • POS system


Item Description
Type Bluetooth & Wi-Fi combo module
Bluetooth version Bluetooth 4.2 dual mode
Wi-Fi version IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Host Communication Interface UART
Baud rate Default 115200bps, supports from 1200bps to 500Kbps
Transmit power Bluetooth: +9dBm (Maximum) Wi-Fi: +20.5dBm (maximum)
Dimension 13mm x 26.9mm x 2.2mm
Frequency 2.4GHz
OTA Supports
Power supply 2.3-3.6V


Type Title Date
Programming User Guide FSC-BW246 Programming User Guide V1.0 April 11, 2022

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