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On December 17th, Feasycom held a sales performance summary meeting to celebrate broking a new record for sales turnover and becoming the most dazzling star in the Internet of Things industry.

As a wireless solution provider for the IoT, Feasycom shares this honor with all customers. Till today, Feasycom's high-quality products, efficient supply, strong technical capabilities and sales turnover have set new records. It is a moment to be remembered, because of the hardworking of Feasycom members, the support of the entire supply chain system and trust of customers, and morever, for so many years, we have always adhered to the faith-teamwork to create brilliant future. Let's record this exciting moment.

Feasycom supplies the most classic Bluetooth modules and WiFi module in IoT world and each module is shining with the light of the times. We are committed to creating the best modules with competitive advantage winning the recognition of the market and customers. Let's review the introduction of our modules:

The top-selling modules in the new retail industry are: BT836BG、BT825B、BW236

Dual-mode high-speed solution: 32 Android APP (SPP) + 32 Apple APP (GATT) connections, Android: 80KB/S (SPP), iOS: Up to 65KB/S (GATT)

Bluetooth + WiFi high-speed solution: can support multiple WeChat public accounts or applets to connect BT: Up to 80KB/S (Classic), WiFi: 1.5MB/S (802.11b/g/n)

The top-selling products in the industry for tablet computer\projectors\camera are:BW150、BW151、BW152C、BW157、WF152S

Feasycom has contributed to the dream of a technologically powerful country and promoted the importance of domestic chips. Feasycom WIFI 6 module can better meet the needs of customers and adapt to market upgrades and iterations. Feasycom leads the industry in terms of shipment scale and technical advantages and has been recognized on SOC platforms such as RK, MTK, and MLOGIC to become a recommended module partner in their module solution supplier list.

The top-selling products in automotive electric industry are: BW101、BW104、BW126

Feasycom insists on striving for excellence in implementing the Bluetooth protocol stack, and makes the communication protocol a small-sized M4 module in a very simple way. With RAOM 256K and FLASH 68K capacity,the customer system can have different performance and it make the cost lower for the customers.

The top-selling products for smart SOC are: BW236、BW246、BW256

Feasycom is the world's leading overall solution provider for the Internet of Things, with a complete product line covering 5G, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, audio, 4G CAT1, UWB and BLE modules and antennas. We can provide one-stop services including IoT modules, IoT application solutions and cloud platform management. With rich industry experience, the products are widely used in smart home, automotive electronics, smart energy, financial payment, smart city , wireless gateway, smart agriculture & environmental monitoring, smart industry, smart life & medical health, smart security and other fields. For more information, please visit Feasycom official website www.feasycom.com, or send an email to sales01@feasycom.com Or Pay attention to the WeChat public account "Feasycom"

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