FeasyCloud — Connecting the Infinite Possibilities of the Intelligent World

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What Is FeasyCloud?

FeasyCloud is an advanced cloud platform based on Internet of Things (IoT) technology, developed by Feasycom, a company based in Shenzhen, China. Through the perfect combination of software and hardware, users can perform various visual operations on this platform, including device localization management, data transmission, and product advertising display.


What Are the Advantages of FeasyCloud?

The advantages of FeasyCloud lie in its simple and easy-to-use interface, which greatly improves work efficiency, saves costs, and expands more services and value. It can connect various objects through information sensors and network technology, enabling intelligent management and control of objects.

What Are the Applications of FeasyCloud?

The main application scenarios of FeasyCloud include intelligent warehouse management, logistics cold chain and agricultural temperature and humidity management, data transparent transmission, and video playback display.

Intelligent Warehouse Management

In terms of intelligent warehouse management, users can bind items to the platform through Bluetooth devices (Beacons) to update the inventory status in real-time, thereby improving work efficiency and saving management costs. Additionally, the platform can provide real-time and accurate positioning of items, facilitating picking and shipping operations and enabling visual management.

Logistics Cold Chain and Agricultural Management

For logistics cold chain and agricultural applications, users can install environmental monitoring devices to monitor temperature, humidity, etc., in real-time. Once the temperature or humidity exceeds the set range, the system will automatically issue an alert to ensure the quality of items in the logistics cold chain is not compromised. In agriculture, controlling temperature and humidity can help agricultural products grow in optimal environmental conditions, thus improving yield and quality.

Data Transparent Transmission

Addressing the growing demand for data transparent transmission, FeasyCloud is compatible with Feasycom's Bluetooth modules and Wi-Fi modules, enabling data transmission between devices. Users can conveniently perform services such as data collection and transmission, remote control, alarm notification, and statistical reports by connecting wireless transmission modules to the FeasyCloud system.

Video Playback Display

Furthermore, FeasyCloud supports video playback display functionality. Users can upload videos to the platform and control video playback, pause, fast forward, and rewind actions within a certain distance using Beacon devices. This intelligent video playback method can attract more customer attention and is widely used in product display and advertising fields.

Finally, FeasyCloud is seamlessly connected to the mobile app, allowing managers to conveniently monitor and manage the status information of all bound items anytime and anywhere, providing great convenience for item management.

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