WMK-K2 IoT Cloud Warehouse Management UWB Kit

Warehouse Management Kit K2 is a set of combinedproducts based on the UWB protocol that can quickly perform sub-meter-level precise positioning requirements assessment tests.

The IoT platform Feasycloud in the kit, supplemented by the UWB Anchor Gateway and Tags, can be combined to help realize asset positioning, asset protection, alarm management and other functions.

It is also possible to combine more sensor devices in the warehouse management kit K1 (based on the Bluetooth BLE protocol) to jointly provide a more complete warehouse solution.

Similarly, other asset positioning and asset protectionscenarios similar to this requirement can also be used,and if you have other requirements based on this kit,such as more quantity requirements, software requirements,you can also purchase more quantity labels ora custom services.

WMK-K2(UWB)-Introduction video

IOT Cloud Kit

1 Year Free FeasyCloud Support

Deploy Example

Deployment Suggestions:

  • At least 4 Gateway for 1 region;
  • The Anchors/Gateways are preferably on a same plane;
  • The disance between the device and the wall should be greather than 50cm;
  • D1, D2, D3, D4 should be less than the maximum meteres.

Anchor Gateway Specification

Power via 2 pcs of AAA battery
UWB StandardIEEE 802.15.4 & 802.15.4z
Covering Radus≥40m Precision: ≤40cm
PowerBattery, Replaceable
OptionsIMU, Button, Vibration, Buzzer, NFC
Gifts1-Year Free Cloud Use
FSC-UP3312A & FSC-UP3312B
Power via PoE or DC
UWB StandardIEEE 802.15.4 & 802.15.4z
Covering Radus≥40m Precision: ≤40cm
PowerPoE and DC
InstallationWall mount or Ceiling mount
Gifts1-Year Free Cloud Use


Data download

DatasheetWMK-K2 UWB Kit24/8/2023



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WMK-K2 IoT Cloud Warehouse Management UWB Kit
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