Wireless WPC ETA Certification For Bluetooth Module IoT Market

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What is WPC certification ?

WPC (Wireless Planning & Coordination) is the National Radio Administration of India, which is a branch (Wing) of the Department of Telecommunications of India. It was established in 1952.
WPC certification is mandatory for all wireless products such as Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Bluetooth, etc being sold into India.
A WPC certificate is required for anyone who wants to do a wireless device business in India. Manufacturers and importers of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-enabled modules must receive WPC license (ETA certificate) from Wireless Planning & Coordination wing, India.

wpc wireless planning& coordination certification

At the moment, WPC certification can be divided into two modes: ETA certification and license.
WPC certification is performed according to the frequency band in which the product works. For products that use free and open frequency bands, you need to apply for ETA certification; for products that use non-free and open frequency bands, you need to apply for a license.

Free and open frequency bands in India

1.2.40 to 2.4835 GHz

2.5.15 to 5.350 GHz

3.5.725 to 5.825 GHz

4.5.825 to 5.875 GHz

5.402 to 405 MHz

6.865 to 867 MHz

7.26.957 - 27.283 MHz

8.335 MHz for remote control of crane

9.20 to 200 KHz.

10.13.56 MHz

11.433 to 434 MHz

Which products need to be certified by WPC?

  1. Commercial and finished products: such as cell phones, computer equipment, laptops, tablets, smart watches.
  2. Short-range devices: accessories, microphones, speakers, headphones, printers, scanners, smart cameras, wireless routers, wireless mice, antennas, POS terminals, etc.

  3. Wireless communication devices: Wireless Bluetooth communication module, Wi-Fi module and other devices with wireless function.

How do I get WPC?

The following documents are required for WPC ETA approval:

  1. Copy of company registration.
  2. Copy of company GST registration.
  3. ID and address proof of authorized person.
  4. Radio frequency test report from IS0 17025 accredited foreign lab or any NABL accredited Indian Lab.
  5. Letter of Authorization.
  6. Product technical parameters.
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