WiFi Mesh Network Discussion And Deployment Plan

What is Wi-Fi mesh network

WiFi mesh network is a more stable and reliable networking method. In the WiFi Mesh network, all nodes are connected to each other, each node has many connection channels, and a network is formed between all nodes. There is a problem with a node, which will not cause the entire WiFi to be paralyzed, and MESH networking is more convenient. For example, one -click fast networking, press the button to complete the networking. It does not need complicated manual settings, which is more convenient and intelligent in connection and configuration than wireless relay.

The wireless AP relay, pass the wireless signal from one relay to the next middle relay. The wireless Chinese relay must receive and forward on the same channel to reduce the original wired bandwidth resources and decrease. In a hurry, and this single -chain structure, one of the routes is broken, and the later networks are paralyzed like the Domino card, so the wireless relay has been eliminated.

Wi-Fi Mesh Advantage

Set one of the WiFi Mesh routers as a master node. Now, this master node has the AC controller function, and there is no need to set the wireless parameter setting of each sub -node. The light cat adopts a bridge mode, and the master node should be set to PPPOE dial; if the light cat has dialed, the master node is set to DHCP to access the Internet.

The multi -jump and network topology of the WiFi Mesh network has become an effective solution for a variety of wireless access networks. MESH networking is divided into single -frequency network and dual -frequency group network. Single -frequency networking, access and return to the same frequency band, there are interference between adjacent nodes, all nodes cannot be received or sent at the same time, and the bandwidth assigned by each Mesh AP will decline , actual performance will be subject to Great limit,

The return and access of each node in the dual -frequency group network uses two different frequency bands. The access service uses the 2.4 GHz channel, and the core Mesh return network uses a 5 GHz channel. The two do not interfere with each other. While serving the local access users, each Mesh AP executes the return transmission function, solved the channel interference problem of returning and access, and improved the network performance.

Compared with the wireless return journey, the best effect is the connection method of wired return. The network is the most stable, the lowest requirements for the router, and the wireless network speed will not be attenuated. Together. Set one of the WiFi Mesh routers as a master node. Now, this master node has the AC control function, and there is no need to set the wireless parameter setting of each node. But it is worth noting that if the LAN network port of the MESH router is not enough, you need to connect the Gigabit switch to expand now.

Wi-Fi Mesh Deployment

Wi-Fi Mesh Deployment

the weak electric box placed the router, one network cable in each room. There are 2 network cables in the living room, one connected to IPTV, and the other is a sub -router. The light cat bridge can be connected, the main routing can be dial, and the network is simple. If there is only one network cable in the living room, remove the subway in the living room.

Wi-Fi Mesh Deployment 2

The weak electric box cannot be placed in the router, placed the router in the living room, and the switch is placed in a weak electric box. Three networks need to be connected to the living room, 1 connecting IPTV, 1 connecting the WAN port with the main router, and then connecting the LAN port of the main router, connecting 1 network cable, connecting the network cable with the switch in the weak electric box, the network cable in other rooms, the network cable in other rooms , Connect to the switch. Light Cat Bridge is connected, the main routing can be dial. Wireless WiFi Mesh network network, network network port, take the sub -routing to other rooms, and connect to the network cable.

Wi-Fi Mesh Deployment 3

single -line reuse of WiFi Mesh networking iptv (only 1 network cable to each room and living room), you need to add a switch with a VLAN function in the weak electric box and the living room to achieve reuse. This rule for the operator High, it will be configured with VLAN and other operations.

Wi-Fi Mesh Deployment 4

the room does not have a web line, and the wireless return method is adopted. The core WiFi Mesh returns 5 GHz, and the access service uses a 2.4 GHz channel. If the three frequencies are supported, the access network will also open 2.4 GHz/5GHz to ensure that the return and access services are not interfered.

The simplest solution is wireless return, but the effect is average, affecting the speed of the network. The best networking method is to deploy 3 network cables to the living room for weak electric boxes. The network cables in other rooms need to be installed in a weak electric box in a weak electric box. The most complicated solution is that all network cables are concentrated in the weak electric box. The weak electric box has only one network cable to the living room. It also needs to support IPTV and WiFi Mesh networking. You need to use 2 network -tube functions switches, and at the same time, the user's hands -on ability is high. Thus, when renovating, deploy more network cables to reduce the network cable in the weak electric box, which is a better choice. It is recommended that 3 network cables are recommended.

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