What Bluetooth Modules Suitable For Smart Wearable Device ?

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In the explosive development of the Internet of Things in the last few years, Bluetooth has become a part of the entire system.The wearable device market has been developing for six years.

In the market the most common smart wearable device are smart bracelet and smart watch .

If you are wearable device manufactre ,Then there is a question:''What Modules Should I Use for wearable device ?''

First ,you may want choose a wifi module.WiFi has advantages such as long distance and fast transmission rate. However, due to high power consumption, intelligent wearable products are rarely adopted.

Low power bluetooth (BLE) is widely used in intelligent wearable terminals because of its low power consumption. Currently, the main suppliers are Ti and Nordic. FEASYCOM has several BLE bluetooth modules based on Nordic 52832 chips,TI CC2640 chips.

1.Nordic 52832 chips,FSC-BT630,BT5.0


2.TI CC2640 chips,FSC-BT616,BT 5.0

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