Well-known Bluetooth Certification in Bluetooth Modules

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In recent years, the market share of Bluetooth modules has been increasing. However, there are still many customers who are completely unaware of the certification information of the Bluetooth module. Below we will introduce several well-known Bluetooth certifications:

1. BQB certification

Bluetooth certification is BQB certification. In short, if your product has Bluetooth function and is marked with the Bluetooth logo on the appearance of the product, must be called by a BQB certification. (Generally, Bluetooth products exported to European and American countries must be certified by BQB).

There are two ways of BQB certification: one is end product certification, and the other is Bluetooth module certification.

If the Bluetooth module in the end product has not passed the BQB certification, the product needs to be tested by the certification agency company before certification. After the test is completed, we need to register with the Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group) association and purchase a DID (Declaration ID) certificate.

If the Bluetooth module in the end product has passed the BQB certification, then we only need to apply to the Bluetooth SIG Association to purchase the DID certificate for registration, and then the certification agency company will issue a new DID certificate for us to use.


2. FCC certification

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) was established under the Communications Act in 1934. It is an independent agency of the U.S. government and is directly accountable to Congress. The FCC is an agency of the United States federal government that was created to regulate all forms of telecommunication inside of the U.S. including radio, television, digital cameras, Bluetooth, wireless devices and a broad gamut of RF electronics. When an electronic device has an FCC certificate, it means the product has been tested to comply with FCC standards and it has been approved. Therefore, FCC certification is essential for products to be sold in the United States.

There are two ways of FCC certification: one is the end product certification, and the other is Bluetooth module semi-finished certification.

If you want to pass the FCC certification of the semi-finished product of the Bluetooth module, there will need to add an additional shielding cover to the module, and then apply for certification. Even though the Bluetooth module is FCC certified, you might still have to make sure the rest material of the end product is qualified for US market, because Bluetooth module is just a part of your product.


3. CE certification

The CE (CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE) certification is a mandatory certification in the European Union. CE marking is a crucial procedure that guarantees a product's conformity to EU regulations. It is mandatory for manufacturers, importers and distributors of non-food products to obtain the CE marking if they wish to trade on EU/EAA markets.

The CE mark is a safety conformity mark rather than a quality conformity mark.

How to get CE certification? First, manufacturers must carry out a conformity assessment, then they are required to set up a technical file. Next they must issue an EC Declaration of Conformity (DoC). Finally, they can place a CE mark on their product.


4. RoHS compliant

RoHS originated in the European Union with the rise of the production and use of electrical and electronic products (EEE). RoHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous substances and is used to make electrical and electronic manufacturing safer at every stage by reducing or limiting certain hazardous substances.

Hazardous substances such as lead and cadmium can be released during the use, handling and disposal of ambient electrical equipment, causing serious environmental and health problems. RoHS helps prevent such problems. It limits the presence of certain hazardous substances in electrical products, and safer alternatives can be substituted for these substances.

All electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) must pass a RoHS inspection to be sold in any EU country.


At present, most of Feasycom's Bluetooth modules have passed BQB, FCC, CE, RoHS and other certifications. For more information, please contact us.

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