TTL Serial Port Board For Uart Communication | FSC-DB004

Product Overview

Comprehensive arduino wireless serial port bluetooth module hardware kit HDK.

FSC-DB004 Development Board for For Uart Communication, It can be fixed with many bluetooth modules which with same product shape,such as our models: FSC-BT826, FSC-BT836, FSC-BT816S, FSC-BT616, FSC-BT986, FSC-BT906, FSC-BT909 etc.

Compare with separated bluetooth modules,with FSC-DB004 development board is much more convenient & easy for users to test their products.Time saving,and ensuring the safety.

Need to know more details,please download our FSC-DB004 User Manual from our website or contact our sales man.

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User Guide
April 2, 2022
Sch and Assembly
April 2, 2022

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