Temperature and Humidity Sensor Beacon User Guide

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proximity beacon 

For many applications like greenhouse, warehouse, food supply chain, etc., people wish to find the right solutions for temperature/humidity detection, so that these two key factors can be controlled within certain ranges. Given this very reason, FSC-BP120 comes into people’s eyes. This product is built with high-class temp. & humidity sensor, adopts TI CC2640R2F chipset. Integrated with a CR2032 Li-Battery, it can provide effective temp. & humidity detection services in its maximum battery life of over 9 months.

By following the steps below, users can enjoy such convenience easily.

Step 1: Get an FSC-BP120

Step 2: Download the FeasySenS App

Step 3: Put the FSC-BP120 to the targeted position, and turn on the APP.

Finally, you can see the temp. & humidity information detected by the FSC-BP120!

Feasycom also provides gateway services, which means you can upload/store the information to the cloud, and check them anywhere you want!

For more information, please click: Bluetooth Beacon, or reach out to Feasycom Ltd.

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