Bluetooth Module in Car Navigation System

Car central control takes navigation as one of the core applications. The current mainstream original brands include NXP (Freescale), Infineon, Renesas Semiconductor, MTK, Telechips, CSR, Allwinner, Rockchip, Sunplus, Silan Micro, Ai IC design manufacturers and corresponding platform solution providers, such as the company, and then provide Tier1 to car manufacturers such as Harman, Bosch, West Granville, etc; the back-end factory provides OEM and sealing for Tier1 manufacturers. Testing services, including TSMC, Global Foundries, etc; Midstream automotive electronics system integrator Tier1 is mainly engaged in the design, production, and sales of automotive electronics modular functions. Shenzhen Feasycom Technology focuses on Bluetooth wireless transmission system solutions is to provide licenses and modules of BT+WIFI for the platform and Tier1.

Bluetooth Module in Car Navigation System

Currently, major car navigation maps include AutoNavi, Baidu, and Google, etc. Host platform systems include Android, LINUX, QNX, WinCE, Ali OS for car, GKUI, etc. FEASYCOM has its own Bluetooth protocol stack, which can support applications on many platforms and systems, including the cooperation with well-known in-vehicle voices to provide recognition applications.

The FEASYCOM Bluetooth protocol stack supports HFP/HSP/A2DP/AVRCP/PBAP/MAP/GATT, etc. At the same time, it successfully imported the car manufacturer's Carplay/ Carlife/ Android Auto wireless car connection technology application. Feasycom primary Bluetooth modules for the car navigation system, include QCA1023 chipset module FSC-BW101, RF module with CSR8811 chipset, Bluetooth data module FSC-BT901. Here is some information about the modules.

Bluetooth Module in Car Navigation System

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