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Generally speaking, we call "Bluetooth module with MCU" as "SoC Bluetooth module", some Bluetooth modules’ Bluetooth baseband IC and MCU are integrated (Such as FSC-BT630 nRF52832 BLE module), and some are separated (Such as FSC-BT826E Bluetooth dual mode module), if the Bluetooth baseband IC and MCU are integrated into just one chip, we call it SoC chip.

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Most of Feasycom Bluetooth modules are SoC Bluetooth module (Bluetooth module with MCU), the Bluetooth stack runs on the module’s MCU, customer can easily configure modules via UART interface with AT commands, this make modules very easy to use, there is a great balance of flexibility and integration, it can accelarate end-product development and launch to market.

Feasycom has its own strong research and development capabilities, and has its own Bluetooth stack. With the Bluetooth stack runing on the module, the module gets more flexibility and can meet the highly customized needs from customers.

For example, the FSC-BT826E (Bluetooth 4.2 dual mode), FSC-BT826B (Bluetooth 5.0 dual mode), FSC-BT836B (Bluetooth 5.0 dual mode) Bluetooth modules are adopting Feasycom Bluetooth stack, these modules provides high data rate for communicating with Android and iOS devices, and support a comprehensive set of AT commands for programming.

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For the BLE modules with MCU, Feasycom has FSC-BT616 (TI CC2640R2F BLE module), FSC-BT691 (ultra low power consumption & small size BLE module) FSC-BT630 (nRF52832 BLE 5.0 small size module), FSC-BT686 (BLE 5.0 Mesh network module).

If you have requirements for a Bluetooth module with MCU, please do not hesitate to contact Feasycom.

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