QCC5124 vs CSR8675 High End Bluetooth Audio Module

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Many Bluetooth chips face shortages, including Qualcomm's CSR8670, CSR8675, CSR8645, QCC3007, QCC3008, etc.

Recently, many customers are inquiring about the CSR8675 Bluetooth audio module, but the chip of this Bluetooth module is currently in short supply. If your project needs to act as a sink (receiver) and needs to support apt-X, then the QCC5124 is a good choice.

What are the differences and similarities between these two modules? Feasycom has a CSR8675 module (FSC-BT806) and a QCC5124 module (FSC-BT1026F). Below we will present a comparison of the two modules.

Feasycom FSC-BT806B is a CSR8675 High End Bluetooth Audio Module with Bluetooth 5 dual-mode specifications. It adopts CSR8675 chipset, integrated support for LDAC, apt-X, apt-X LL, apt-X HD and CVC features, Active Noise Cancellation and Qualcomm True Wireless stereo.


The new Qualcomm Low Power Bluetooth SoC QCC512X series is designed to help manufacturers develop a new generation of compact, low power Bluetooth audio, feature-rich wire-free earbuds, hearables and headsets.

Qualcomm QCC5124 System-on-chip (SoC) largely meets the needs of small devices for a robust, high-quality, wireless Bluetooth listening experience while supporting longer audio playback with low power consumption.


Compared to previous CSR8675 solution, the breakthrough SoC series is engineered to reduce power consumption by up to 65 percent for both voice calls and music streaming. It is designed to reduce power consumption dramatically and offers enhanced processing capabilities.

FSC-BT1026F( QCC5124 vs CSR8675) FSC-BT806

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