Bluetooth Audio Module Development Board | DB103-BT802

Product Overview

 ●  DB103-BT802 is a Bluetooth Audio Module Development Board designed for FSC-BT802.

Basic Parameter

DB103-BT802 is a Bluetooth Audio Module Development Board designed for FSC-BT802 | Small Size Bluetooth Audio Module CSR8670 Chipset


 ●  The DB103-BT802 Data + Audio Development Board,can be fixed with a Mini USB port,so that the bluetooth modules can be connected to the computer directly ,simplifying the programming procedures.

 ●  With using DB103-BT802  is much more convenient & easy for users to test their products.Time saving,and ensuring the efficiency & stability.All of our modules can be worked with this development board with using the corresponding  subsidiary board.

 ●  Interested in knowing more details,please download our DB103-BT802 User Manual from our website or contact our sales man.

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