Power Line Carrier Communication PLC module | FSC-PL1000

FSC-PL1000 plc module is equipped with a DW21SV100 Power Line Carrier Communication PLC SoC chip, simplifying the small-scale chemical industry design. this plc module can be widely used in smart home, lighting control, industrial control, new energy and other power line instant messaging fields

Basic Parameters

Receiving sensitivity Base noise-85dBm   -123dBm
Physical layer peak rate0.507Mbit/s
power consumptionChip static power consumption ≤ 50mW, peak current ≤ 300mA@3.3V
size20mm*12mm*2.3mm (L*W*H) (+/-0.15)
operating voltage 3.3V
operating temperature-40℃~+85℃
peripheral interface SPI interface, I2C interface, 2 UART interface, 1 AD input (12bit, 3-channel), 2-way PWM,5 LED outputs, 18 GPIOs (multiplexing)


IEEE StandardIEEE1901.1
Physical layer peak rate0.507Mbit/s
Receiving sensitivity -85dBm
Base noise-123dBm/Hz
Chip static power consumption≤ 50mW, peak current ≤ 300mA@3.3V
High performance Cortex-M3 processor200MHz
operating temperature-40℃~+85℃
operating voltage3.3V
Module Size (L*W*H)20mm*12mm*2.3mm(+/-0.15)
modulation modesOFDM/FSK


    • Smart Home
    • Lighting Control
    • Industrial Control
    • New Energy


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Power Line Carrier Communication PLC module | FSC-PL1000
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