New product! Application of FSC-BT930M Bluetooth audio module in Electric Vehicle Dashboard

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With the continuous development of society, science and technology are constantly improving and making breakthroughs. Smart travel and smart transportation have become one of people's standards for high-quality life.

In recent years, the demand for electric vehicles such as two-wheeled motorcycles, two-wheeled electric vehicles and tricycles has been increasing. At the same time, we are also constantly launching new products to improve new technologies and new functions.

Adding the Bluetooth function to the dashboard of an electric vehicle is a new breakthrough. While the driver enjoys the convenience brought by the Bluetooth function, it also improves the safety of travel.

Recently, Feasycom launched a new Bluetooth audio module: FSC-BT930M.

It supports both audio source & sink. Using Feasycom's BT930M Bluetooth audio module on the electric vehicle dashboard, you can connect a mobile phone and headsets/helmets at the same time.

In riding, as long as the mobile phone and headsets are connected to the module, it can supports phone calls, caller ID, music playback, song lyrics display, address book display, BLE navigation, etc. Below is the application diagram:

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Bluetooth Model: FSC-BT930M

Version: BT5.2

Size: 12mm*12mm*2.2mm

Tx power: +10dBm

Power supply: 2.8~4.2V

Audio sampling rate :8KHz to 384KHz

Key Features:

Audio Transmitter and Receiver

Small size

24 bit high quality audio

ROHS compliant

If you want to learn more about the FSC-BT930M,, please contact Feasycom team.

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