Bluetooth SIG Announced: The LE Audio Specifications Is Available

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The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) announced the completion of the full set of LE Audio specifications, enabling the release of products supporting the next generation of Bluetooth® audio. LE Audio improves wireless audio performance, adds support for hearing aids, and introduces Auracast™ broadcast audio, a new Bluetooth capability that will enhance the way we engage with others and the world around us.

Bluetooth SIG Announced: The LE Audio Specifications Is Available

LE Audio adopts the new LC3 codec, which requires less than half the bit rate compared to SBC, delivering better audio quality and improving device battery life. In addition to introducing new capabilities for Bluetooth audio, LE Audio also provides a new, flexible architecture that provides an ideal platform for future wireless audio innovations. The Bluetooth SIG is still working on it, and more features and functionality may be added in the future.

In addition, the introduction of Auracast broadcast audio also enhances the wireless audio experience, bringing the ability to share audio. Auracast Broadcast Audio can broadcast audio to an unlimited number of nearby Bluetooth receiving devices, which users can share with friends or family, and use Auracast Broadcast Audio-enabled headphones to listen to music together. Another use of this function is to listen to the broadcast from the public address system in public places, such as train stations or airports, to get important information and reminders at the first time.

Auracast broadcast audio

LE Audio provides higher audio quality at lower power, enabling audio developers to meet increasing consumer performance demands and drive continuous growth across the audio peripheral market (headset, earbuds, etc.). Thanks, in part, to LE Audio, analysts predict in the 2022 Bluetooth Market Update that by 2026, annual Bluetooth earbud shipments will climb to 619 million, making up 66 percent of all wireless headsets.

The lower power capabilities of LE Audio will also enable new types of audio peripherals — such as a wider range of Bluetooth® enabled hearing aids — and allow greater flexibility for better form factors. With LE Audio, smaller, less intrusive, more comfortable hearing devices will emerge, enhancing the lives of those with hearing loss.

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