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Why Choose Feasycom

Feasycom focuses on the research and development of IoT (internet of things) products. With more than 15+year experience in the wireless connectivity industry, Feasycom has massive capabilities in providing low-risk product development, reducing system integration cost and shortening product developing cycle for thousands of diverse customers worldwide.

Reduce R&D difficulty and Fee​

One-stop solution provider
50+ people professional R&D team
15+ years of R&D experience
Core Bluetooth & Wi-Fi protocol stack
APP and software development team

Reduce mass production time​

OEM/ODM services
Hardware & Firmware Engineering
Android & iOS SDK support
Rich production experience
Control using IMS and ERP system
12 high-speed SMT lines, 5 test lines

Ensure brand credibility​

National High-Tech Enterprise
ISO9001 ISO14001 IATF16949
CE, FCC, IC, KC, TELEC certifications
Ultra-clean test workshop standards

Accelerate your product launch

In-depth customization
Module development kit
Circuit design , APP support
Multilingual technical support

Feasycom Product

Feasycom is one of the earliest and biggest Wireless Solution enterprises in China. Our featured products are Bluetooth Module, Wi-Fi Module, Bluetooth Beacon, Gateway, and other Wireless Solutions. Rich solution category includes High-speed Bluetooth, Multiple Connections, Long-range Bluetooth, apt-X, TWS, Broadcast Audio, Bluetooth 5/5.1, etc.


Feasycom has 16-year experience in the wireless connectivity development, providing professional solutions for several industries, and we are always exploring more possibilities.

  • TWS Bluetooth audio solution

    “TWS” means True Wireless Stereo, it’s a wireless Bluetooth audio solution, there are many types of TWS headset/speaker in the market, the TWS speaker can receive audio from audio transmitter source (such as a smartphone) and play music.

  • Bluetooth Printer Module Solution

    Introduction Bluetooth Printer Module Solution is one of the most experienced solutions that Feasycom provides. Bluetooth Thermal Printers are widely used

  • Digital Key Automotive Grade Bluetooth Module Solution

    As the country vigorously advocates and develops the new energy automobile industry, innovative technologies for the Internet of Vehicle are gradually being used in automobiles. More and more people have also put forward the demand for convenient travel, hoping that the car can be unlocked and started with a mobile phone.

  • Bluetooth barcode scanner solution

    FSC-BT736 dual-mode Bluetooth module is the overall solution of the Bluetooth dual-mode scanner, and the Bluetooth dual-mode scanner solution uses the FSC-BT826 dual-mode Bluetooth module, which can support SPP, GATT and HID protocols at the same time, compatible with Android, Windows, iOS and other operating systems.

  • Application of BLE Bluetooth module on pocket light

    At present, the functions of pocket lights on the market are relatively simple, and the homogeneity is also serious. Because of the size and cost, new functions cannot be extended. For these problems, the latest product Bluetooth pocket light brings better solutions.

  • Bluetooth 5.0 Mesh network solution

    Smart lighting is an important entry of smart home, the traditional lighting solutions have problems such as complicated wiring and single control. Adopting Feasycom BLE Mesh network solution to replace traditional solution, no additional wiring is required, provide the smarter control, improve user experience.

    Our Advantage

    Hardware Support

    Feasycom can provide mold opening, PCBA design, and related OEM/ODM Service according to customers’ requirements. Feasycom has a professional hardware team, not only offer professional support when customers are doing PCB design, but also offer the whole process services of hardware creating. As a one-stop solutions provider, Feasycom also provides depth customization on request.

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    Software Support

    Feasycom provides comprehensive services in regarding software/APP development. Customers can get documentation, SDK, and technical support when developing the actual applications. Feasycom also has self-owned Bluetooth stack and can bring customers with great flexibility on firmware customization.

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    Firmware Development

    Circuit Design

    APP Support

    Development Board


    Deep Customization


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