Future Plan of Feasycom product-iBeacon Tag

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Feasycom company focus on innovation , and recently Feasycom released the future trend of ibeacon tag related product.


The ibeacon tag are :


Note: All Feasycom ibeacon tag supports Eddystone ( URL / UID ) , iBeacon , AltBeacon protocol.



FSC-BP103 is the Mini size keyring type ibeacon tag before , and built in cr2032 battery , we’re going to add the “ Gsensor “ in it , it’ll be the Move trigger Beacon.



FSC-BP104 is 500m long range ibeacon tag, and use the AAA battery , we’re going to add the temperature and humidity sensor , PM2.5 and Gsensor into FSC-BP104.



FSC-BP106 ibeacon tag will be added the Gsensor into it.



Our FSC-BP109 is the super long range ibeacon tag currently , we are going to developing the super long range Gateway now , it’ll a new product , and add the “ Wifi part “.



FSC-BP101 is our new ibeacon tag , it’ll the cheap price Beacon with a small size , FSC-BP101 could be charged by USB.




FSC-BP107 is also the new product we are developing now , it’s Bracelet Beacon , and also built in the Gsensor.



FSC-BP201 is the Beacon Gateway we are developing , it built in the battery .


These products are ibeacon tag and gateway , although Google stopped the Nearby service , but we have never stop the Beacon’s develop , and we are also developing the new Audio transmitter , we’ll let you know the Audio transmitter we are developing in next news , so don't miss the chance to get to know Feasycom's new products , and if have interesting , just message us .



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