FSC-SYR20C-COM 13.56MHz Virtual Serial Card USB RFID Reader


FSC-SYR20C-COM Virtual Serial Card Reader is a 13.56Mhz card reader device that uses a standard USB interface converted to a serial port (require driver installation ), and the USB interface to achieve the serial data output function in line with the ISO14443A international standard. The user connects the USB interface of the card reader with the USB interface of the computer or other devices, which directly solves the communication between the card reader and the computer or other devices without COM port. It has the characteristics of stable and reliable communication, sensitive induction and extremely fast card swiping speed. When the ID tag sheet is close to the card reader, the factory serial number (i.e. UID number) of the RFID card will be reflected in the window of the serial port debugging assistant, which is equivalent to automatic keyboard input. It has been widely used in attendance system card issuance, consumption system card issuance, meal ordering system ordering and other application systems.

Basic parameters

Project parameters Project parameters
Operating frequency 13.56Mhz Standard ISO 14443A
Reading type MF\S50\S70 etc. Operating temperature -20℃~70℃
Operating voltage 5V Operating current 100mA
Reading distance 0~80mm Reading time <100ms
Reading speed 0.2s Reading spacing 0.5S
Product size 104mm×68mm×10mm Weight About 140g
Communication interface USB [emulated serial port] (baud rate selectable: 9600, 19200, 115200, etc.)
Operating system Win XP\Win CE\Win 7\Win 10\LIUNX\Vista\Android
Other Status Indicator: 2-colour LED ("red" power LED, "green" status indicator)
Built-in speaker: Buzzer, LED and buzzer can be controlled.
Output Format: Default starts with 02, ends with 03, default baud rate: 9600


Type Title Date
Datasheet FSC-SYR20C-COM Card Reader.pdf july 25, 2023

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