FSC-BT630 Nordic nRF52832 Bluetooth 5.4 Low Energy Module with Mini Size & Ultra-Low Power Consumption for Smart Meters


The Feasycom FSC-BT630 is a Bluetooth 5.4 Low Energy module specifically designed for applications in smart meters (such as water, electricity and gas meters), medical devices, fitness equipment, and beacons. It offers optimized features to meet the unique requirements of these devices. One of the key highlights of this module is its ultra-compact size and ultra-low power consumption. Its small form factor allows for convenient integration into small-sized devices that utilize Bluetooth technology. Additionally, the module's low power consumption greatly enhances the battery life of Bluetooth devices, ensuring extended usage without frequent battery replacements.


  • Support the Bluetooth 5.4 specifications
  • Low power
  • RSSI (1 dB resolution)
  • UART programming and data interface (baudrate can up to 921600bps)
  • I2S audio interface I2C/AIO/PIO/PWM control interfaces
  • Type 2 near field communication (NFC-A) tag with wakeup-on-field and touch-to-pair capabilities
  • Stamp form factor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Digital microphone interface (PDM)
  • Up to 3x SPI master/slave (Max)
  • Quadrature decoder (QDEC)
  • Embedded Bluetooth stack profiles support: HID, GATT, ANCS etc
  • 3x real-time counter (RTC)
  • OTA upgrade support
  • MFi Support
  • Support External Antenna
  • RoHS compliant
  • FCC, CE, IC, KC and SRRC Certified
  • Power Consumption In Sleep Mode (VDD_3V3 at 3.3V): 100.30 uA (discoverable), 259.20 uA (LE connection)
  • Power Consumption In Working Mode (VDD_3V3 at 3.3 V): 3.44 mA (discoverable), 3.38 mA (LE connection), 3.32 mA (LE Connection @ 115200 bps)


  • Internet of Things (home automation, sensor networks, building automation,industrial, and retail)
  • Personal area networks (health/fitness sensor and monitor devices, medical devices, key fobs and wrist watches)
  • Interactive entertainment devices (remote controls and gaming controllers)
  • Beacons (A4WP wireless chargers and devices, remote control toys, and computer peripherals and I/O devices such as mouse/keyboard/multi-touch track pad/gaming)


Bluetooth Module FSC-BT630
Chip Nordic nRF52832
Certifications SRRC, FCC, CE, IC, KC
Bluetooth Version Bluetooth 5.4 (BLE)
Interface UART, GPIO, I2C, I2S, ADC, PWM, PDM, NFC-A, SPI,
Frequency 2.402 GHz to 2.480 GHz
Transmitt Power +4 dBm (Max.)
Receive Sensitivity -96 dBm for BLE mode (Typical)
Antenna Integrated ceramic antenna
Size (mm) 10 × 11.9 × 1.8
Operating Temperature -40 °C to +85 °C
Power Supply 1.7 V to 3.6 V


Firmware No. Application Profiles
FSC-BT630 Data (One-to-one connection) GATT (Server & Client), OTA
FSC-BT630 Data (Multiple Connections) GATT (Server & Client), OTA
FSC-BT630 Other Customization

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