FSC-BP302 Dual-Mode Bluetooth 4.2 USB Dongle Adapter


The Feasycom FeasyAdapter FSC-BP302 Bluetooth USB Dongle with USB CDC powered Bluetooth 4.2 dual mode data transceiver. Bluetooth dual mode consists of Low Energy (LE), Basic Rate and Enhanced Data Rate (BR/EDR). CDC is one type of USB device class, it provides emulated serial port communication over USB. FSC-BP302 can be powered by any host electronic device with USB port. Transmit distance reach up to 80m.The FSC-BP302 supports SPP and BLE. It can realize the function of converting Bluetooth data into HID and Bluetooth serial port transparent transmission.


  • Small size, portable to carry out
  • Bluetooth 4.2 BR/EDR+BLE
  • USB-UART Data transceiver
  • Supports SPP, GATT, HID profiles



Bluetooth Adapter FSC-BP302
Major Profiles GATT (Central & Peripheral), SPP (Master & Slave), HID
Other Profiles ATT, GAP, SMP, HCI, L2CAP
OTA Device Firmware Upgrade Over The Air
TX power Conducted 6 dBm (max)
Antenna PCB Coil antenna
Gain 2 dBi (Max)
Radiation diagram Omnidirectional
Power supply 5V USB
Material ABS plastic
Color White
Size (mm) 60 x 19 x 8
Protection IP40

Transparent Transmission Mode

1. Install the driver
2. View the device manager. You can see that a new serial device has been added.
3. Open the serial port through the serial port tools.
4. Send command switches to the transparent transmission mode. Command: AT+USBCFG=1.
5. Connect this device via SPP on your Android phone
6. Two-way data transmission.

HID Mode

1. Insert the FSC-BP302 Dongle.
2. Open the device manager. Can see the identified device
3. Connect this device via SPP on your Android phone.
4. On the PC side, open a notepad and lock the mouse cursor in Notepad.
5. Enter data on the mobile phone and click Send. You can see that the data sent by the phone is output to the notebook by the HID.

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