Feasycom Opens A New B2C Store On Ebay For FeasyBeacon

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Recently , Shenzhen Feasycom company has negotiated together , and joined the world-renowned B2C platform: Ebay , the store name of Feasycom on Ebay is Feasycom-Beacon .

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In the early stage , Feasycom will just selling their Bluetooth Beacon products on Ebay , if you are interested of the Feasycom’s Beacon , you could get the product on Ebay directly , it’s very convenient .


Ebay supports Paypal payment , once you place an order , we will arrange the shipping ,

We could ship the parcel by SpeedPak and DHL and so on , the shipping is fast .


Feasycom is the professional Bluetooth module and Beacon supplier in China , Feasycom produce the high quality and high performance Beacon , and all model Beacons supports 10 slots broadcast simultaneously , Feasycom selling the 50m , 80m , 500m and 4000m different work distance Beacons on Ebay , and all the Beacons supports Eddystone , iBeacon and AltBeacon , they are the ideal choice for stable or temporary installations ,such as shops, museums, exhibits, trade fairs , retails, stadium, asset identification, restaurant, etc .


Feasycom’s engineering and design services include:



APP Support

PCB Design

Development Board

Firmware Development

Depth Customization

Certification Request

Turn-Key Production Testing & Manufacturing



If you want place orders from Feasycom , now you have a new choice , you could buy it on Ebay , it’s very convenient and has Intuitive price , isn’t it sound great ? 

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