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With the stop of Google's nearby service, Beacon is facing a technology upgrade. The major manufacturers are not just providing simple broadcast devices, the beacons currently on the market are integrated with a variety of functions. The most common is to add a sensor to make the beacon have more added value.


Firstly we need to understand what a beacon sensor is.

The Bluetooth wireless sensor mainly includes two parts: a sensor module and a Bluetooth wireless module: the former is mainly used for data acquisition of the live signal, converts the analog quantity of the live signal into a digital value, and completes the digital value conversion and storage. The latter runs the Bluetooth wireless communication protocol, enabling the sensor device to meet the Bluetooth wireless communication protocol specification and wirelessly transmitting the field data to other Bluetooth devices. The task scheduling, mutual communication, and communication with the host computer between the two modules are controlled by the control program. The control program includes a scheduling mechanism, and completes the data transmission between the modules and the communication with other Bluetooth devices through message delivery, thereby completing the functions of the entire Bluetooth wireless system.


Below are common sensors:

Movement (accelerometer), temperature, humidity, air pressure, light and magnetism (Hall Effect), proximity, heart rate, fall detection and NFC.


Motion Sensor

When beacon has an accelerometer installed, the beacon will detect when it’s put in motion, giving you the ability to enrich your app with additional context. Also, conditional broadcasting allows to ‘mute’ a beacon based on accelerometer readings, which makes testing easier and helps preserve battery life.


Temperature/ humidity Sensor

When the beacon has a temperature/humidity sensor, the sensor starts collecting data after the device is powered on, and uploads the data to the app or server in real time. The error of the Beacon sensor can generally be controlled within ±2.


Ambient Light Sensor


Ambient light sensors are used to detect light or brightness in a similar way as the human eye. This sensor means you can now enable “dark to sleep”, thereby saving you precious battery life and resources.


Real Time Clock

A real-time clock (RTC) is a computer clock (in the form of an integrated circuit) that keeps track of the current time. Now, you can schedule advertising for conditional broadcasting within a specified window of time each day.


We are deploying our sensor plan now, and our new products will be available to you in the near future. Meanwhile, our Bluetooth gateway will meet with you in two weeks, users can choose to upload the collected data to the server.

Welcome to consult us for more info about beacon sensor, and take the chance to get in touch with us if you need private customization.


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