Bluetooth Wi-Fi Module USB UART SDIO PCle Interfaces

Bluetooth Wi-Fi Module Interfaces, Generally speaking, the commonly used communication interfaces of Bluetooth modules are USB and UART. The WiFi module uses USB, UART, SDIO, PCIe and so on.


USB (Universal Serial Bus) is a common interface that enables communication between a device and a host controller, such as a personal computer (PC) or smartphone. USB is designed to enhance plug and play and allow hot swap. Plug and Play enables the operating system (OS) to configure and discover new peripherals spontaneously without restarting the computer. It connects peripherals such as scanners, printers, digital cameras, mice, keyboards, media devices, external hard drives and flash drives. Because of its wide variety of uses, the USB has replaced a wide range of interfaces like the parallel and serial port.


UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter) is the microchip with programming that controls a computer's interface to its attached serial devices. Specifically, it provides the computer with the RS-232C Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) interface so that it can "talk" to and exchange data with modems and other serial devices.


SDIO (Secure Digital Input and Output ) is an interface developed on the basis of SD memory card interface. SDIO interface is compatible with previous SD memory cards and can be connected to devices with SDIO interface. SDIO protocol is evolved and upgraded from SD card protocol. On the basis of retaining SD card read and write protocol, SDIO protocol adds CMD52 and CMD53 commands on top of SD card protocol.


PCI-Express (peripheral component interconnect express) is a high-speed serial computer expansion bus standard. Its original name "3GIO" was proposed by Intel in 2001 to replace the old PCI, PCI-X and AGP bus standards. Every desktop PC motherboard has a number of PCIe slots you can use to add GPUs (aka video cards aka graphics cards), RAID cards, Wi-Fi cards or SSD (solid-state drive) add-on cards.

At present, most of Feasycom's Bluetooth modules use USB&UART interface for communication.

For Bluetooth Wi-Fi module:

Module ModelInterface

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