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This week, there have the exhibitions in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. This time, we have customers visited China, and coming to our company. An Indian customer brought their printer which is using our company bluetooth module, so we are honored with that.

For the Bluetooth printer, the company has many Bluetooth work for it, the modules including FSC-BT826, FSC-BT836, FSC-BT816S and so on. Normally, the customers need the date transmission module to Printer, the suggestion is using the FSC-BT826 module. This module could compliant the Bluetooth module HC-05, and the FSC-BT826 has the BQB Certificate. There are some information about it:

  1. BQB Certification,product size: 27*13*2mm
  2. SPP+BLE+HID support, hardware & firmware customization accept
  3. Compliant with HC-05, v4.0 bluetooth dual mode module
  4. With built-in antenna, Coverage up to 15m (50ft)
  5. Max Transmit Power: 5.5 dBm

Bluetooth Mdule For Printer

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