Bluetooth Module With aptX

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What is the aptX ?

The aptX audio codec is used for consumer and automotive wireless audio applications, notably the real-time streaming of lossy stereo audio over the Bluetooth A2DP connection/pairing between a "source" device (such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop) and a "sink" accessory (e.g. a Bluetooth stereo speaker, headset or headphones). The technology must be incorporated in both transmitter and receiver to derive the sonic benefits of aptX audio coding over the default sub-band coding (SBC) mandated by the Bluetooth standard. Products bearing the CSR aptX logo are certified for interoperability with each other.

How to get the aptX?

The manufacturers need to pay US$8000 to Qualcomm for the Technology Transfer Fee before using the aptX License. After Technology Transfer Fee approval, the manufacturer will get the confirmation letter from Gualcomm,then can proceed on the aptX License purchase.

Customers who need the aptX Technology ,however would like to save the money and time, welcome to contact Feasycom for the purchase services.

Currently, Feasycom the modules FSC-BT502, FSC-BT802, FSC-BT802 and FSC-BT806 support the aptX. Especially, the FSC-BT806 use the CSR8675 chip, could provide high quality audio for customer; and the FSC-BT802 is the smallest size module in Feasycom, it have many certificate, including CE, FCC, BQB, RoHS and TELEC.

If you have interested in the bluetooth module, welcome to contact us.


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