Bluetooth module used for electricity meters

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Due to the rapid development of IoT,there has many application will use Bluetooth ,there has many application will related BLE module and Bluetooth dual mode module.

Our Bluetooth dual mode module is widely used for many different measuring meters , such as the electricity meter ,electrical measurements ,Automotive electronic measuring apparatus.

There has some customers adopt FSC-BT826 Bluetooth module to their elctricity meter ,because of the high data rate and competitive price ,FSC-BT826 is Bluetooth 4.2 dual mode module ,supports EDR/BR+BLE ,supports SPP+all BLE profiles ,on SPP mode ,it’s fast data transmission mode ,for android App ,the data rate can up to 80KB/s,it’s also supports BLE could use for iPhone .

Measuring tools and electricity meters are widely used in our life,when it combines with Bluetooth ,people could convenient to check the measure result and setting the device ,just one device and one App ,Bluetooth make the communications.

So please don’t hesitate to contact Feasycom team if have the similar product related Bluetooth module,thanks a lot.

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