Bluetooth Module Audio Receiver Solution of FSC-BT802

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Hello everybody ,today we are going to share with you one of our bluetooth module BT802 audio solution ,it use as an audio receiver device.

It can received audio from any bluetooth source and play it through your headphones,speakers,car,or other audio player.

Compatible with bluetooth-enabled phones(any OS),tablets,computers and watches.

How the audio receiver device works?

You can see from image that use this bluetooth receiver device it can be smaller and flexible,and when you run or do any exercise or other.You can just use this small device fasten it on collar,then you can feel free to listen to music .

Actually ,our bluetooth module can use not only as audio receiver and also audio transmitter.It also can use as share music wireless with a friend and so on.

For similar or other related audio receiver or audio transmitter solution just contact feasycom .

Thanks for your time.

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