Bluetooth Chip nrf52810 VS nrf52832

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Recently, many customers require the Nordic chip BLE module, and find different suppliers have different Bluetooth chip with the modules, especially the BT chip nfr52810 and nrf52832.

Here is the compare with the chips  .

1650701007 2

According this comparing, that means the Bluetooth chip nrf52832 function is stronger than the chip nrf52810. Currently, Feasycom module FSC-BT630 is made of nrf52832 chip.

There is some information about the module FSC-BT630:

1.Work distance: 50m(165ft),Product Size: 10*11.9*1.7mm

2.Chipset: Nordic nRF52832, Bluetooth 5.0 Technology

3.Support GATT,Mesh Network,BLE Low Energy module

4.Max Transmit Power: 4dBm

5.With built-in antenna, external antenna optional

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