Merry Christmas and a happy New Year From Feasycom

At the moment of welcoming 2021, to celebrate Feasycom’s sales continuous growth in 2020, our Administration Department prepared a delicious afternoon-tea for employees.

In 2020, Feasycom gained double sales than 2019. We designed and created many new products. 

As a leading Bluetooth/Wi-Fi solution provider, for beacon, we released IP67 waterproof beacon FSC-BP108 and FSC-BP108N, customer could select Dialog chip DA14531 or Nordic chip nRF52832, NFC or accelerometer also could be selected. Another new beacon FSC-BP104B, with long range and IP67 waterproof performance. It would be released soon. 

For module, we released small size and ultra low power module FSC-BT691, low cost audio module FSC-BT966 that supports Analog & Digital Audio, ESP32-based BT & Wi-Fi combo module etc. 

For more details about new products, you could contact with Feasycom sales team.

Let’s welcome 2021 warmly. Wishing all of Feasycom’s partners, customers and Feasycomer a very healthy Christmas and wonderful new year.

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