Anti-COVID-19 Bluetooth Solution: Wireless Infrared Thermometer

Anti-COVID-19 Bluetooth Solution: Wireless Infrared Thermometer

In the global fight against COVID-19, many companies are faced with the difficulty of resuming work. The main criterion for resuming work is whether the safety of employees can be guaranteed, the wireless communication module can work as a key role in the application that counters the COVID-19.

What role does Bluetooth BLE module play in this application?

Except for preparing adequate medical masks and disinfection supplies, the Infrared forehead thermometer is also important. Because the virus can spread through touch, so people will choose the non-touch temperature measuring instruments - forehead guns.

A lot of companies will choose the normal forehead thermometer, the normal one usually has a screen to display data immediately after measurement, people record the data by hand, which is prone to loss of records.

Anti-COVID-19 Bluetooth Solution Infrared Thermometer

To solve the problem is easy, only need to add a Bluetooth low energy module into the product, you can save the temperature data by smartphone app directly, and you can check every stuff’s temperature by cloud directly. 

Feasycom has a low power consumption module can be applied to this application, many customers are using our FSC-BT616 TI CC2640R2F BLE module for their medical devices, because of the below features:

1. Lower power consumption

2. BLE 5.0 

3. Stable performance

4. Professional technical support

5. Fast lead time and delivery time

You can check FSC-BT616 CC2640 BLE module’s datasheet via the link:

FSC-BT616 Datasheet.

If you have some questions about the solution, feel free to email us at, or visit our website for more information.

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