CC2640 Module Solution in Head-up Up Display (HUD)

HUD (Head Up Display), also known as head-up display system. Invented to facilitate the lives of Air Force pilots, At present, the head-up display Head Up Display (HUD) has permeated the automotive industry, and it’s a common feature on a long list of new cars, ranging from humble commuters to high-end SUVs.

HUD uses the principle of optical reflection to display important driving data information such as speed and navigation on the windshield of the car, so that the driver can see these important information more conveniently and safely.

The HUD integrates a projector, reflector mirror, projection mirror, adjustment regulating motor and control unit. The HUD control unit obtains information such as speed from the on-board data bus(OBD port); and obtains navigation, music, etc. from phone port, and finally displays the driving information through the projector.

How to obtain required information from OBD?

The simple way is to obtain information by connecting the USB cable, and the other is that we can use Bluetooth. The HUD host is equipped with a receiving Bluetooth module, hereby we recommends a Bluetooth module for HUD system as below:

Model: FSC-BT617

Dimension: 13.7*17.4*2MM

Chipset: TI CC2640

Bluetooth version: BLE 5.0

Supports GAP ATT/GATT, SMP, L2CAP, HID profiles

Highlights: High speed, Long range, Advertising extensions

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