Bluetooth module For the Smart Electric Appliance

The Internet of Things (IoT), as its name implies, is the Internet of Everything. Looking up, all kinds of connected devices in our daily life use Bluetooth data transmission technology. From the Bluetooth wireless keyboard, mouse and touch version of the laptop to the wearable devices such as smart watches and fitness bracelets, they are all classic representatives of the Internet of Things products.

In addition to traditional 3C products, IoT applications based on Bluetooth data transmission have also been integrated into our lives. For example, Bluetooth coffee machines on the market can be paired with the mobile phone through the low-power Bluetooth transmission function. The coffee concentration, water volume, and milk froth can be adjusted through the APP on the mobile phone. At the same time, it can also record the user's favorite taste ratio and update the inventory of coffee capsules. Similar to this, there is also a smart brewing machine, where users can record personal preferences through the mobile APP, and can dispense a variety of alcoholic beverages at home.

Currently, Feasycom has some customer use the Bluetooth low energy module FSC-BT616 for the Smart Brewing machine, this module use the TI CC2640R2F chipset, support Bluetooth 5.0, and has CE, FCC, IC certificates, could meet different market requirements. And this module has USB development board and 6-pin development board which make the testing much easier and deliver a great out-of-box experience.

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