BM77/78 Bluetooth 5.0 Dual mode Applied in Fingerprint

So-called Bluetooth fingerprint is also named Bluetooth fingerprint reader , it is an electronic device that takes the advantage of fingerprint’s uniqueness for identification. It is mainly composed of power supply circuit, USB interface, buzzer, Bluetooth module, CPU, reset circuit and shell. The Bluetooth fingerprint scanner has been seen everywhere in our lives. It can be found in apartments, office buildings, registration centers, banks, telecommunications companies, customs, and hospitals. And the most common application is the device we use when we apply for ID cards to enter personal fingerprint information. 

 Mobile applications (mobile Apps) have penetrated into our lives. One mobile phone can complete all the needs of work and life. In addition to the features of small size, portable , and rapid identification, it’s more important if the fingerprint and Mobile applications are tightly integrated. Before the wireless connection, all the fingerprint devices used were wired fingerprint scanners connected to the PC or host through the wire to collect fingerprint information and compare them. 

With the development of technology, products are constantly updated and iterated, more and more wireless connections are now applied, which bring more convenience. Bluetooth is one of them. Connect with mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers through wireless Bluetooth, and connect to the fingerprint authentication service platform by using the mobile phone network communication function to complete fingerprint image collection, extraction, data storage, identification and authentication.

Bluetooth is one of the most important components in the Bluetooth fingerprint scanner. The following two modules are developed and produced by Shenzhen Feasycom Technology Co., Ltd, which has a strong software and hardware research and development team. The modules have been applied in many cases of Bluetooth fingerprints, and the FSC-BT981 is PIN-to-PIN compatible with BM77/78 modules. The specific picture parameters are as follows:

In the current global shortage of cores, supply is also one of the important considerations. The above two modules have stable long-term supply, high compatibility, and would be a good choice for Bluetooth fingerprint device industry.

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