Application of WiFi module on AI scale

AI scale: Wal-Mart, Sanjiang Shopping Club and other large supermarkets currently use fruit and vegetable scales that only need to put the fruit (vegetable) directly on the scale, and the smart AI camera on the AI fresh scale can be automatically identified. Customers only need to confirm the product name, unit price, and weight to complete the weighing. Compared with traditional manual weighing, it saves the process of scanning codes or entering product codes. Smart weighing technology significantly improves the efficiency of weighing. At the same time, with the help of Wi-Fi wireless communication technology, the on-site deployment of equipment is very simple. No need to rely on network cables to communicate with cloud servers.

Working principle diagram

Function of Wi-Fi module

Upload the data obtained by the AI camera to the server;


a. Improve efficiency: Through AI comparison, there is no need to manually enter the product code, which is accurate and fast;

b. Reduce costs: reduce staff costs (personnel training, no need for scalers);

c. Convenient installation; no need for complicated laying of network cables;

Wi-Fi solutions for the AI scale application

The service provided by Feasycom: module + driver + deep customized and technical support;

Advantages of Feasycom module solution: flexible, stable and complete Wi-Fi performance index test equipment.

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