A friendly basketball game outside of work

Last Saturday, we held an exciting friendly basketball match with our customer, our engineers, business and other departments, they actively participated in the competition and experienced the joy of sports after work, the result of the match is that Feasycom team won the game with a score of 100:96.

Although Feasycom team won the game, the process of the game is still very tortuous, we were behind almost the whole game, but in the end, we overtook them by hitting a lot of key shots, we played very good cooperation and toughness, in fact, we are like this at work, we need cooperative for working.

Only when everyone’s strengths are maximized can we have the greatest effect. The same is true for Bluetooth modules. Many of our different models of Bluetooth modules have different characteristics, some are fast in data transmission, some are cost-effective, and some support high quality audio, etc.

we often hold some group activities on the last day of each working day, but as long as you need modules, we are always online.

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